Milašinović oprema d.o.o.

Sveta Helena 104, Sveti Ivan Zelina

MS 68 ng

  • Napredni optimalno podešeni pritisni valjci mogu se odmaknuti od radnje površine
  • Podesiva kontrolna jedinica
  • Easy to clamp the wheel with the pneumatic centring flange
  • Replaceable flange, for example for French rim types
  • Brzo napuhivanje guma kao standard
  • Pneumatska dizalica kotača do 80 kg
  • kamera i monitor radi nadzora donje strane kotača


MS 78 remote control

  • b>6-point jaw clamp
  • This is a crucial feature of perfect grip. Clamping jaws hold each wheel firmly at six points. So rims cannot slip while you are fitting the tyre.
  • b>Protection for aluminium rims
  • Clamping jaws can grab gently – when necessary – with sensitive joystick operation and plastic fixings (extra option) in the clamping jaws.
  • b>Joystick or radio control
  • The MS 78 comes as standard with a mobile operating console with joystick. This ensures that the machine is easy and safe to use from any position. Wireless version as option.


MS 80 cable version

  • Over 4 tons of bead breaker force
  • 2 rotacijske brzine
  • Fast mode function for drive sledges
  • Flexibility due to its enormous clamping range
  • Regulated hydraulic pressure ensures no damage is caused during tyrechanges
  • No pressurised air supply needed